Investing in vibrant atmospheres.

Our philosophy is in our name.

Inspired by “aatma,” the Hindi word for soul, and “ethos,” the characteristic spirit of a culture, Aatmos is a boutique investment house that connects the heart of a destination with authentic expressions of its essence in order to bring elevated hotel experiences to life.

Our Endeavors

Our decades of investment, development, and management experience enable partners, investors, businesses, and communities to thrive.


How do we find opportunities? We look for markets with challenges—ones that have limited supply and growing demand. Then we ensure the area is pro development. This investment strategy ultimately allows us to offer safe, secure, and sought-after investments.
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We develop properties—and people. By building strong relationships with team members, partners, communities, and area businesses, our deep experience allows us to go from concept to key while propelling growth for all.
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We’re efficient operators, with a history of doing more with less. With the ability to provide extremely high levels of service in a savvy and cost-conscious way, we deliver premium experiences for guests and ROI for investors.
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Three founders. One vibrant vision.

Bobby Patel knows a little about building a hospitality legacy. In fact, he inspired his sons, Mahavir and Dev, to reimagine his. Backed by their father’s hands-on work ethic and employee empowerment abilities, Mahavir and Dev created Aatmos with a combination of determination and inspiration. Blending decades of consistency with a new vision and an innovative spirit, the founders use their combined expertise in construction, operations, real estate, guest services, and management to deliver inspired growth to investors and an authentic sense of place to guests.

Our Atmospheres

Our properties are diverse, but they have one thing in common: vibrancy. Walk into an Aatmos hotel and you’ll see what we mean. Drink in the air. Breathe in the light. Feel the soul of that destination within you. Our deep connection with a community’s culture nurtures a unique spirit and energy on our properties. Combined with a brilliant level of care, Aatmos creates an experience that’s felt—and never forgotten.

Our difference

Your success is our greatest return.

Return driven

Better ROI is in our DNA. By embracing the highest standards in everything we do, we ensure opportunity is maximized and above average returns are realized.

Forward fueled

We’re proactive about potential. With an open minded, forward-thinking approach to developing the right solutions, we’re influencing the industry while building on our strong track record for success.

You focused

Your priorities power our promise. By considering what matters to you today, we can exceed your expectations tomorrow.
our difference